Fundraising to help families facing one of the biggest challenges of their life focus on the battle of cancer rather than the battle against debt.

The average family battling cancer ends up $50,000 in debt. 1 in 10 loses their home.

From Josh Collins, Kicking Cancer Founder. “I know first hand just how hard it is. I lost my Dad to Cancer April 8th 2009. I watched as my mom had to work a full time while taking care of my dad, it took a huge toll on my mom. We searched all across North America for help. There’s not much out there. Kicking Cancer and the Ron Collins Foundation are going to change this.”

The Board of Directors of the Ron Collins Foundation will oversee the evaluation of recipients and the disbursement of funds. Funds raised will be dedicated to the province or city where they were raised.

Josh Collins
Josh Collins was one of the first Canadians to enter the NFL draft without college. His story starts in Surrey where at the age of 14 he convinced Lui Passaglia, former BC Lions star placekicker, to teach him to kick. His determination doesn’t stop there – he drove to nearly every NFL city to persuade teams to let him try out before being drafted number one pick to the Arena Football League 2. Soon thereafter the Seahawks asked him to tryout.

A disastrous knee injury dashed his dreams, but a new mission soon became his passion after his own father and biggest fan passed away from cancer. Josh looked far and wide to find support for his mother and found none. His family felt alone while over 1000 people attended his father’s celebration of life.

This year, the father of 4 has now become a crusader to help other families so they will not feel left alone in this time of need.


The money being raised goes towards families who are dealing with cancer and aren’t able to pay bills while taking care of their loved one.